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Solutions for heating issues in laptop

You might be experienced heating issues on your laptop while you are working on it . It is common that all laptop produces some heat still some produce much more heat than others . Some of solutions I found are listed below. They are 1. Use your laptop on table if the heat produced is high.2. Use cooler pad below the laptop to reduce heat.3. Check the paste between the chip and fan inside the laptop.4. Check whether the ram used in laptop are same that is sometimes two ram will inserted which are of different frequency so it is suggested to use same type.These are some of the solutions I found which will help you .

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the major platform in mobile. It provides useful information with the help of recognizing what we are saying. It needs an internet facility to get useful information. As these features were only available in google mobiles right now it is going to be available to all mobiles which are working on andriod version 6.0 . So upcoming mobiles will be having google assistant so that in this busy work life for people it will be a very useful method.

            Check out the video below to know more about it